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motivating teams


Workplace motivation is an essential factor in a company’s success. When employees feel motivated, the turnover rate is low and performance is high. 

“Your company is your people, the mindset of your people becomes your company’s mindset, and a positive mindset creates positive results.”

Employees are critical pieces to the success of companies.  Hiring the best employees, training them and then letting them “drift”, is not the way to go! It is important to monitor their performance and assess how their motivation is doing – thus they are integrated into the organization, and are more efficient and productive.

Workplace motivation is an essential factor in a company’s success. When employees feel motivated, the turnover rate is low and performance is high. 

What is Workplace Motivation?
Motivation in the workplace can be defined as the employees’ willingness, determination, and commitment to be part of the company. In this context, high motivation is synonymous with commitment and interest in keeping the job. 

When a professional feels motivated, their productivity is high, he or she tends to meet the organizational goals and are able to achieve results above expectations. This happens both through the influence of people management, performance management, and the behavior inside the organization.

The pillars of motivation are determined by a balance between people’s skills, the internal environment, personal life, and the way leaders and managers lead.
Managing teams can be challenging, and motivating people involves knowing how to integrate recognition, reward, challenge, positive organizational climate, and leadership example.

How to increase your team’s motivation:

Vision: There are crucial moments when the team needs to get together to talk and discuss possibilities, new paths, growth or repositioning, and develop a broader vision of the goals for the company.

Goals: Be clear and objective about the goals to achieve. Goals are those milestones needed to achieve a certain end. Setting goals, promote team member focus and action to achieve the outlined objectives
Goals can be the best friends of productivity or undermine motivation if they are unclearly set. 

Our workshops to increase productivity are a useful tool and are designed for:
Launching new goals and objectives
Team identity and perceptions
Cross-functional alignment and connectivity
Empowerment, positioning and visibility 
New leader integration
Leadership branding
Problem solving through individual and collective awareness

Feedback = Appreciation: Constant feedback and professional guidance, making employees feel that their work is being followed, is reflected in increased motivation and productivity for the entire team.

By making this bridge with your team, by setting the ambition for common goals and the ability to develop and grow, your position as a leader who values results and promotes purpose and professional fulfillment is evident. 

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