How Leading Companies Approach Their Workplace Culture

How Leading Companies Approach Their Workplace Culture
Happy 2022! 

I´m kickstarting this year with some reflections about how leading companies approach their workplace culture.When we look at some of the major companies all over the world, we can see they all have one thing in common: the culture in their workplace is pivotal to their success. 

Take, for instance, Zappos.The recruitment process for a Zappos candidate starts with a cultural fit interview. This interview accounts for half the probability of a candidate being hired. Zappos also declares its commitment to investing a fair share of their budget on team building and organizational culture promotion.

Twitter claims for a friendly and team-oriented culture in their business. The company seeks to strengthen the sense of a larger meaning in work.

Airbnb states that no employee should hear about anything externally until they’re told about it internally. Communication is promoted through the company´s intranet and bi weekly work meetings.  

Adobe says its cultural strength is the company’s sense of trust in its employees, which the company tries to attain by avoiding micromanaging.

SquareSpace would like their teams to feel that management does not diminish their voice, so they invite their associates to express themselves freely.

ADP´s philosophy is: “our down-to-earth culture welcomes diverse perspectives and creates a place where our people can flourish. We are on a transformative journey to advance human potential in powerful ways for our clients and ourselves. Integrity is everything: We conduct our business with the highest level of integrity”. 

In fact, workplace culture is pivotal to any company´s success.If you are looking to change the culture of your company, you should know it begins with a change of the values, beliefs and behaviors of your leaders. The starting point is to find out what is working and what is not. High levels of employee engagement require leadership commitment and an ongoing process of values management that become deeply ingrained in the spirit of the company.

There is no one-size fits-all when it comes to workplace culture. If you want to grow and progress your business, you need to assess the  culture in your company to know where to begin.

To be provided with an overview of what drives your people to perform at their best.
To have key performance indicators to quantify the impacts of the culture in the business, and to find out what is driving dysfunction.
To get a roadmap for the future.

Why don´t you take these first days of 2022 to identify the workplace culture in your company?

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