How to positively influence your people?

How to positively influence your people
How to positively influence your people

It’s all about your energy! The energy you bring to your daily (virtual) meetings with your teams says a lot about you as a leader. All eyes and ears are on you, no matter if you’re tired or stressed. As a leader, you are always on stage!  It’s important to know how to positively influence your people.

Your words can give your people the energy to follow you, they can make people feel reassured that their work still matters. Do your best to be emotionally balanced before talking with your team, as you want to avoid anxiety and stress. 

Our tip:  
Take time alone with yourself. Before going to sleep list 15 things that you are grateful for from your day, and that includes the small stuff…. like opening a tap and having clean water or having friends to talk to… This simple exercise will help you put things in perspective, improve your emotional state and do wonders for your energy! It’ll help you realize that things aren’t all bad – there’s good to be found everywhere, if you’re willing to look.
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