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My Book Come Prepared

4 Key Principles That International Businesses Should Follow to Succeed in the U.S. Market Learn how culture, relationships and perceptions impact success.

Underneath facts and figures is an intangible layer relating to culture, relationships and perceptions that will guide you on your journey to succeed in the U.S.

Much is written about how to invest in the U.S. market, but many foreign businesses still fall short of their dream goal.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

After 14 months of interviewing 50 leaders of small to large well established foreign companies in the U.S. market, I discovered 4 key principles underpinning their success. I am excited to share them with you in this book so that you can:

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Avoid failure

This book distills what Cristina Ferreira da Costa has learned from leaders throughout her extensive research and from her own experience moving from Portugal to establish a successful coaching and consulting practice in the U.S.

In her quest to succeed, she recognized the importance of sharing her learnings to help others in their journey in to the U.S. market.

Cristina Ferreira da Costa is an Executive and Team Coach, a Consultant for Culture in Organizations, and a Business Culture Partner for the U.S. Market.

Living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

We are no longer living in a short-term crisis. We are living in a whole new environment, and all signs point towards it being here to stay. Outdated habits are no longer valid. A good example is the old model of frequent travel for important meetings or training – several CEOs of Fortune 500 companies have recognized that…

(Online) Workshops for Leaders, Managers and Teams

Online Workshops for Leaders and Teams available in English, Portuguese and Spanish Managing high volumes of work while keeping a good and healthy connection with your team is not an easy task. You are trying to apply leadership best practices but stressful moments, with constant shifts in priorities, doesn’t make it easy. You need your…

“Reinvent. Prepare for a new future ahead” – Join us in this Webinar.

“Reinvent. Prepare for a new future ahead” – Join us in this Webinar. More than ever before we are in search of the right word, the right action and the right direction as uncertainty grows in our daily lives. It is not easy as things seem to be changing by the minute, and we find ourselves having…

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How to positively influence your people?

How to positively influence your people It’s all about your energy! The energy you bring to your daily (virtual) meetings with your teams says a lot about you as a leader. All eyes and ears are on you, no matter if you’re tired or stressed. As a leader, you are always on stage!  It’s important…

What do you need? How can we help?

Solving the complicated puzzle of having your people working remotely and the need to keep them productive and engaged, may strike you as an insurmountable proposition, a gargantuan task for which there is no clear answer.That’s where the Leader comes in.By being assertive and in control, a good leader will ensure that questions like “What…

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The US Market Is No Valentine´s!

February may be the month of Love…but the U.S. Market is no Valentine’s! Pleased to meet you!My name is Cristina Ferreira da Costa, and I am the President & Founder at CDC Consulting Partners, LLC. I am a knowledgeable and experienced business culture consultant, leadership developer and executive coach, with a career of 25+ years…

My book Come Prepared My book Come Prepared