My expertise

Pleased to meet you!​

My name is Cristina Ferreira da Costa, and I am the President & Founder at CDC Consulting Partners, LLC.​

I am a knowledgeable and experienced business culture consultant, leadership developer and executive coach, with a career of 25 + years focused on helping organizations achieve more and better results, sales, productivity and satisfaction of their people. I am based in Atlanta USA, but have an extensive background as a senior executive in the corporate world in Europe (Portugal). READ MORE

With a degree in Economics from Universidade Nova (UNL), and a certification in Advanced Finance Program for Executives from Universidade Catolica Portuguesa (UCP) in Lisbon, Portugal, I complemented my skills becoming a certified coach with International Coach Federation (ICF) to help improve people’s self-management and leadership abilities. I am also a certified consultant for Barrett Values Centre providing metrics and recommendations for businesses’ cultural transformation efforts.


My Value

As a permanent agent of change, my background includes driving successful strategic projects for business performance both through risk management and business development, while improving the company’s resilience to every day-to-day impact.

I support leaders and teams in domestic and global companies improving their leadership abilities and focus, which in turn helps them become more innovative and up to date in their industry, identify and maintain the right talent, have multicultural teams working together and striving, change direction or navigate cultural impacts of internationalization and of mergers & acquisition processes.

If you are a non-American business owner or executive looking to access and succeed in the U.S. market, I’m happy to be your business culture and strategy partner. I will prepare you and your team for that big step. My work focuses in clarifying and aligning your business goals with your resources, while sharing insightful knowledge of the challenges you will be facing to help you adjust your U.S. market approach. READ MORE

I work with leaders and managers developing their strengths and empowering their teams across the globe. I measure culture in organizations and teams, identifying how it is supporting productivity, growth and profit, while delivering recommendations for transformation and growth. Leveraging my extensive corporate experience, I focus my work in helping organizations create high performing, values-aligned work environments and developing their professionals into engaged, inspired and connected individuals working for a common goal.


My Projects

In 2015, I embarked on an action research project, supported by the World Trade Center Atlanta – an organization where I have been an active member of the Board of Directors – spending 14 months interviewing executives at small to large companies in different industries established in the greater Atlanta region.

I interviewed entrepreneurs and business owners, CEO’s and general managers, international business consultants and lawyers to learn about both their decision-making process, their execution method and their business cultural challenges.

As a result of this research and of my personal experience, I wrote a book with insights and recommendations to help any foreign entrepreneur, business owner, large organization or executive coming to the U.S. with the intention of growing a career, a business, and making money.

This is my book:

COME PREPARED! 4 Key Principles That International Businesses Should Follow to Succeed in the U.S. Market. READ MORE


My Partnerships

As an independent consultant and author, I work with trustworthy partners with global presence and across the U.S.

As a member of the World Trade Center Atlanta, in addition to a strong and trustworthy local network, I have access to 328 World Trade Centers around the world in 89 countries.

My main partners are:



Pivot Global