Out-Of-The Box Methodology to Help Solve Organizational and Team Challenges!

A New Way to Enhancing Organizational Agility to Address Change. Better, and Faster!
A Group or Team strategic reflection with 3D Virtual Characters, for a Systemic approach

Change is happening faster than ever before. The digital transformation, remote work, new supply chain and ecosystems, they all continue forcing businesses to adapt their products, services, and operations to market shifts.Organizational responsiveness is now a crucial ingredient.

When you need to:
1. Make your business or department agile enough to adapt quickly to change,
2. Streamline core processes to improve the workflow and increase speed,
3. Clear internal factors that are in the way of business transformation,

Traditionally, what do you do?

You listen to individual input, debate numbers and data trying to reach to a unanimous consensus. This takes a lot of time and energy, and in the end, it is mainly a matter of opinion and argument. Taking parts out of the whole leads to misleading results.

There Is Another Way!

A different way to find solutions and ensure responsiveness, efficiency, and adaptability to rapidly changing situations.

A Systemic Way

We believe that a key success factor in the change journey is understanding systemically the different building blocks of a challenge, how they combine, and what are the trade-offs. When we look at a specific challenge, we see groups of people and systems, connected to one another and constantly developing dynamics. Understanding the most influential dynamics in the system can give you insights, new levels of awareness, and expanded perspectives.

Our Approach
Our systemic approach based on the work of Bert Hellinger, is a powerful methodology of diagnostic and problem resolution. It accesses the dynamics in the organization and shows mechanisms that often work unconsciously.
Bert Hellinger’s work is already being considered, all over the world, as one of the most innovative and effective methodologies for solving complex issues. It is an action-oriented approach that supports the intended change in a fast, effective way, and helps identifying where to intervene while and mapping a path forward.

What are the benefits?

Each of the sessions will help individuals and teams:
o Understand and overcome challenges and resistances that get in the way of agility and adaptability,
o Find a more effective approach to drive impactful change, increasing awareness of each other’s perspective,
o Visualize and recognize the impact of each decision, what requires their attention, and whether they are creating an organizational model that truly enables the transformation needed,
o Enable rapid transformation by diagnosing topics that normally would take months to visualize.

This is a unique way of working in an organization, and different from any other consulting approach. The organization, itself, is the expert here, not outside consultants!

Valuable takeaways

Insights to solutions in each session to a variety of challenges:
o Visualizing the building blocks for the intended changes,
o Identifying hidden obstacles, or structures and processes that need re-defining,
o Recognize opportunities for optimization and including them in the organizational design,
o Removing layers of complexity and conflicts of interest, that slow down the business,
o Recognizing opportunities for improving the flow of value.

All sessions are facilitated by two experienced consultants with hands-on experience in leading organizational transformation.

How it works

A Group or Team strategic reflection based on Systemic exercises using a 3D Virtual platform.

We first help creating an awareness of the system, and the relationships between its elements. We ask systemic questions designed to identify specific challenges and its variables. The various parts of the system (people, departments, ideas, obstacles, and aspirations) are represented using virtual characters and several 3D objects and symbols. Throughout the process, a vivid image of obstacles and limiting patterns is created, showing up the underlying issues that are holding back the team and the organization, while simultaneously revealing the best strategies to overcome them.This approach offers a unique opportunity to work around different scenarios and possibilities, allowing the participants to test, on the spot, different scenarios, or options before making important decisions.There is great opportunity for sustainable change and empathic connection, as the participants gain insight into the whole picture.

When Should You Use This Methodology?

To help your leadership team collaborate better by visualizing the impact of each point of view.

Who should attend these sessions:

SLT’s, SVP’s, managers, and teams, responsible for redesign departments or organizational strategies,
Change management or cross-functional individuals or teams leading organizational transformation,
Multidisciplinary teams.

Structure of the Sessions

Each session has the duration of 2 hours,We recommend a minimum of 3 to 6 sessions to solve a specific problem or find a specific solution.

CONTACT ME AT: cristina@cdcconsultingpartners.com
And let’s have an exploratory conversation on how this methodology can help you solve your most urgent challenges. 
I am looking forward to hearing from you! 

Sofia Costa Quintas Cristina Ferreira Da Costa

Sofia Costa Quintas is a leadership consultant and development coach with 20 years of experience leading executive development programs in major global organizations. She is an expert in helping people rewrite their story and moving them to their next steps through coaching and ancient wisdom tools. Sofia is the creator of patented systems for human development and the author of “The 22 powers of leadership-un archetypal journey to awaken the leader within.” She is releasing a new book called “Reinventing leadership. Archetypal Journey toward a living organization paradigm. Sofia holds an undergraduate degree in enterprise communications and an MBA from European University in Brussels. She is certified by Bert Hellinger Institute Nederland in Systemic coaching and holds an ICF credentialed coach certification. She is part of the Innovation & analytics lab team, powered by Nova IMS placed among the best Universities in the world.

Cristina Ferreira da Costa is based in Atlanta, Georgia, in the USA and is specialized in leadership development & executive coaching, organizational culture metrics & transformation and team development, while embracing diversity through her work with clients around the world.
Aside from her degree in Economics and an open course in Finances for Executives, she is an ICF coach and a certified consultant from Barrett Values Center, UK. She also works with Organizational Constellations, an interactive and systemic methodology that brings greater awareness and clarity into business’ challenges and dynamics.
Cristina is the author of the book COME PREPARED! 4 Key Principles Foreign Businesses Should Follow to Succeed in the US Market, and is a co-leader of an MBA International Practicum course at Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business, a U.S. leading research university committed to improving the human condition through advanced science and technology.
Cristina speaks Portuguese English, and Spanish. 
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