Revisit your purpose. Who do you serve?

Organizational silos, unclear strategies and slow decision-making processes are three strong energy-drainers. They inhibit your organization’s ability to become more flexible and move fast in this COVID-19 era. Although the adrenaline from the rush to attend to the basic immediate needs of safety and revenue has passed, now is the time to push your organization into its best future. How can you do that?

Answering these important questions will help: Who are you now as a company, and Who do you serve?

Re-group, look inward, go back to the essence of why you do what you do. In other words, revisit the PURPOSE of your existence as a company and bring that conversation to the table, as well as to the daily meetings. This is your opportunity to give people something to hold on to and to become inspired by.
This is how I can help 
I bring insightful tools and recommendations that will save you time and money. These tools will help identify the level of unproductive work in your organization and what is driving it. You will also gain insight of best solutions to the problems you are now facing.
What you can measure you can manage!
My service:
Align your leaders, managers, teams, goals and resources to thrive in rapidly changing contexts. With insightful data based on Values, you can make quicker decisions, communicate faster and more effectively, saving time and money. You will also uncover the level of unproductive work in your organization or team and what is driving it.
Diagnostic Tools:Leadership Team Values Assessment (LTVA):(Small sample of the report you will receive)
The Leadership Team Values Assessment provides you with an overview of what drives your leaders, how they work together, assesses their effectiveness as collaborators, and identifies what they want to build on or develop for the future.
Cultural Values Assessment (CVA):(Small sample of the report you will receive)
 Provides a deeper understanding of what motivates people in your organization or department, an objective diagnosis of what is and isn’t working, and actionable insights with a clear path forward.
Comparison/Compatibility Assessment:(Small sample of the report you will receive)
 Supports the seamless integration of companies, teams and departments by measuring the strengths of each group and identifying any potential obstacles.