Business Culture Partner For The U.S. Market

Most companies expanding to the U.S. market are not ready for what they will find, and often lose considerable amounts of money. They jump to execution without proper due diligence and preparation, deciding to learn as they go with no specialized support, advice or direction for the cultural challenges and the U.S. business mindset.

Cristina helps companies and leaders save time, money and avoid undesired levels of stress. 

Before starting feasibility studies, marketing plans and financial estimates, it is crucial to understand the challenges you will be facing. Depending on the level of sophistication of your business and team, you may need to rethink your approach to the U.S. market. The need to do this work in advance, before hiring lawyers or business plan experts, is well explained in my book “COME PREPARED!

We help you:

1. Clarify your personal goals for the U.S. market expansion – awareness will be crucial in challenging moments.

2. Clarify your team’s readiness to the U.S. market approach and future expectations.

3. Assess your company’s resources to reach the desired goals – financial resources and investment estimation, localization, marketing, product, partnerships, hiring processes, contacting potential customers for successful sale processes.​

4. Prepare your leaders, managers and teams for a successful U.S. market permanence – culture, communication and leadership.

After working with you for 2 to 3 days (depending on the size and sophistication of your company and team), you will be ready to initiate your business case with or without extra help from other consultants.​