Leadership and Executive Coaching

One-on-one executive coaching helps professionals become aware of their behaviors and how they are perceived by others. Throughout the coaching process, behavior and attitudes are improved, with an increased contribution to the culture and business results.

Leaders (or managers) can only grow, develop and impact positively their teams with awareness and regular feedback. Throughout the results of the Leadership Development Report (360) (LDR) we compare the individual’s perception with what their superiors, peers and subordinates see in his or her behavior at work.

With this knowledge, individual goals and priorities are identified and re-defined and an action plan is designed. The focus is placed on strengths, areas of improvement and individual opportunities for growth.

Cristina’s coaching process brings insights and sustainable behavior transformation.

  • a) Leadership development and executive coaching
    • i. (360) Degree Leadership Development + Personality Traits Assessment
    • ii. Assessments for leaders and managers
    • iii. Alignment with the organization
    • iv. Action Plan for leadership behavioral change
    • v. 5 to 18 months of coaching to achieve behavioral change, improve self-awareness and self-management
    • vi. Management communication and influence
    • vii. Leading teams: internal and external
    • viii. Managing diverse constituents
    • ix. Dealing with divergent motivations and stressors
  • b) Personal development and self-management at work
  • i. Defining your authentic personal and professional ambition
  • ii. Activating your personal and professional brand

Cristina’s executive coaching generally consists of in-person or Zoom meetings over a 5 to 18-month period. At the beginning of the coaching relationship, Cristina identifies coaching needs by having in-person meetings with the client, the client’s manager(s), the team and other identified stakeholders if necessary.

During the coaching relationship, Cristina is always available for ad-hoc calls to support time sensitive issues.