Optimizing Culture

Your organizational culture is worth money!

Businesses are facing disruptive changes in this Digital Era. How are you managing change and how much is the natural human resistance costing your business?

Are you struggling to achieve your growth results year after year, in spite of keeping a close eye to your KPI’S, strategies, goals and outcomes? Are you measuring and monitoring your employees’ engagement levels every two years, trying new strategies and tactics without improving engagement? Is the institutional legacy of past leaders still preventing a desired new leadership mindset to set in? Are you trying to integrate successfully new leaders and teams after a merger or acquisition, but not getting it right?

We measure the culture in your organization (or team) providing crucial insights to improve productivity, while fostering meaning and purpose in the workplace.

Together with our partners, we help you implement new strategies and tactics, optimize your processes, train your people to improve their behaviors, coach and develop your leaders and managers.

Cultural Transformation Tools®

A suite of assessment tools providing detailed reports, thorough feedback and insightful recommendations by country, region, department or team.

  • a. Map the culture in your organization (or team)
    • i. Identify what motivates your people
    • j. Learn what is working well
    • k. Measure the % of unproductive work and what is driving it
    • l. Discover the new desired culture and how to get there
  • b. Cultural incompatibilities before or after a Merger & Acquisition
    • i. Determine incompatibilities between different business cultures
    • j. Identify group differences and how to address them
    • k. Expect a road map for an effective integration
    • l. Discover what one culture can offer the other for joint future development

The Culture Transformation Tools® (CTT) from Barrett Values Centre, available in 50 languages, are among the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostic tools commercially available. They have been used to map the values of over 6,000 organizations and 3,000 leaders in over 94 countries, fostering group, leadership and personal transformation for sustainable growth.