Workshops to improve Productivity

There are crucial moments where you need to get your people together to discuss possibilities and paths forward, to empower or to reposition.

While they improve their work together, you, as a leader, are improving your leadership effectiveness.

Connecting to the team’s current reality, ambition to the goals and ability to develop and grow, you show up as a leader that values results while simultaneously promotes purpose and professional fulfillment.

Recognizing the customer’s challenges and how the team can create value to all stakeholders, promotes an understanding of the whole human system in which the team participates.

Our workshops are designed for:

Kick-off new goals and objectives
Team identity and perceptions
Cross-functional alignment and connectivity
Empowerment, positioning and visibility
New leaders integration
Leadership branding recognition
Problem solving through individual and collective awareness

Cristina takes you and your team on a journey to create a holistic view of your positioning in the company’s universe, putting the work that needs to be done into a greater context.

CDC Consulting Partners, LLC