“Here are some previous clients that have benefited from our work together.

They can more effectively share with you the value that this has brought to them”


With Cristina’s coaching program, I learned to know myself better, to know my moods and how they affect my everyday performance. I also learned to better organize my time at work, to improve my leadership and my team’s performance. The coaching sessions were excellent, and it was the boost I needed to become a better leader.

Reynaldo HerreraSenior Director - International Technology Solutions (USA)

Cristina has helped me understand what leadership means, provided me the tools and methods to handle every situation. She asks the right questions which in-turn leads me to make very effective decisions. Cristina has helped me focus and has opened my eyes and made me aware of who is in control and outcome of my life, ME.

This coaching program allowed me to reflect on who and what I want to be, not only professionally but personally. It also allowed me to understand my colleagues better and the direction, we as a team, need to take to achieve success.

Vas GrigoropoulosDirector - Infrastructure and Operations (Canada)

Thanks to Cristina I have uncovered the need to find one’s inner peace with the day-to-day rush as it allows for straight-thinking and ultimately, well thought out business related decisions.

Ivan TurkSoutheast Manager for U.S. Operation. Industrial Packaging Industry, (USA)

Cristina is fantastic, and I would recommend her without a doubt. She pushed me when I needed to reach further inside to find answers and I appreciate those moments as I have learned so much from them.

Pia AhmadLeader for Non-profit Organization (USA)

It was an incredible learning process about myself. I made a shift in awareness of the way I listen to others, and how that is so important today in the life of my company. There were months of reflection about my actions and I felt great improvement in the way I lead my team. Thank you, Cristina!

Jorge PintoCEO, Aviation Crew’s Provider (Portugal)


Workshops that focus on building relationships - "Leadership Branding in the Workplace"

It was enlightening and encouraging to get to know my fellow colleagues at a more personal level.

Michelle PayneHead of Safety (USA)

Fun exercises that helped open people up which gave me a greater learning of the team – ethics, personalities, etc.

Karen WrightExecutive Assistant (USA)

Helped me to get to know my colleagues better.

Nirupama KenkareHead Manufacturing Science & Technology (USA)

Learning about others’ point of view.

Lucy LevittHead of Procurement (USA)

Great way to get people to open up.

Ted SnelSite Facilities Head (USA)

The session allowed me to think about things I normally don’t. Moved me out of my comfort zone.

Dan BennettHead of Finance (USA)

I’m very satisfied with the workshop, I recommend it to my other colleagues. The exercises were good, and the facilitator did an excellent job. It was helpful in providing visibility to how others perceive me.

Sam ChamblissDirector Site Procurement (USA)

This workshop was truly amazing to knowing my colleagues better. Cristina was amazing and this workshop was an experience that I will never forget.

Rui RodriguesDigital Marketing Manager (Portugal)

It was useful to grow my confidence and make me thankful for what I have in life.

Gonçalo LimaMarketing & Communications (Portugal)

Very important team feedback. Thanks!

Jorge PintoCEO (Portugal)
Custom Workshops that focus on team empowerment, positioning and visibility

Showing our strengths and areas of opportunity and collaboration with the teams.

Guillermo BeccacciniDirector, Latam IT Infrastructure and Operations (Argentina)

It gave me the opportunity to explore what is important to me in terms of values, and to see where I am on the path to living those values every day and what I need to do to get there. The facilitator was excellent in extracting information from the teams and allowing us to match weaknesses and strengths across the region, to create plans and to develop a common vision.

Orla MartinInternational Portfolio Manager (Argentina)

Great way to find out each region´s SWOT. Keen to see how our work today is used tomorrow.

Stephen GolderInfrastructure and Operations Manager (Australia)

Was a great learning environment – open and fun. Learned a lot about myself, my values and even more about our team. It was relevant to our goal. Lots of good practices to help expose our ideas for improvement.

Jamie SmithHead of Application Engineering & Delivery (UK)

This workshop gave my team the opportunity to discover their power, who they are, and to know that everything is possible. Thanks!

Alejandra TorchiaGlobal Executive Technology Leader (USA)
Custom workshops that focus on teams' communication, culture and outside perceptions

Got different perspectives of the issues and ways to remediation. Aligned the team members to common challenges.

Pravin KakaraddiVice President, Big Data & Analytics (USA)

Identified and discussed key items that needed to be addressed.

Amanda GouldDirector Planning and Execution (USA)

Ability to bring “brains” to talk! Alignment across the leadership team. Design of approach to next level. Start of gap identification. Value assessment discussion.

Brian DebischewVice president, Core Integration Services (USA)

Brought awareness to our team and to me, how I play a role in the team.

Mason YakshLead Business Analyst (USA)

More focus on the next steps and also what my team is thinking about the next steps.

Cristian FabresTeam Leader, Professional Services (Santiago de Chile)

Aligned all the team to common goals / objectives. Got to meet team face to face. Constructive discussion.

Jason RedfordDirector Global Consumer Solutions (Ireland)
Custom workshops that focus on goals, objectives, risks and time

Gained insight into my peers’ objectives and approach to their work. Increased alignment on top challenges.

Jason MastryHead of Manufacturing (USA)

Supported site improvements and great facilitation!

Eric RomeSite Culture (USA)

Excellent job, particularly with opinion sharing

Matt GripentrogHead Engineering (USA)

Helped build teamwork and alignment. Kept the meeting moving. Good alignment.

Shay FoleyGeneral Manager (USA)

It was very beneficial to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for all departments.

Michelle PayneHead of Safety USA)

It inspired me to be more engaged with my colleagues and the company. It helped me to think about several topics which we usually don´t have the opportunity and the time to do and that are so important. Thank you!

Luísa RibeiroCMO (Portugal)

The workshop gave me the opportunity to express myself publicly. On the team’s point of view, the workshop brought a bigger objective sharing and a boost on the company’s statement.

Lisa FernandesCOO (Portugal)

The workshop was really helpful to work as a team, discuss several pertinent points, know each other and think about the future / goals.

Akemi ArakiProject Manager (Portugal)