What questions are you asking yourself?

At a networking lunch event an insurance business owner was complaining about how the market crises and the new governmental health policies have been screwing up his business in the last 4 to 5 years… he went on saying how difficult it is these days to sell a health insurance, a house insurance or even a car insurance for in today´s world clients care only about price having no interest in quality or reliable service.

-… There is no loyalty anymore! he said, – And with small businesses disappearing in a daily basis it is getting harder and harder to sell insurance to the business field and that used to be an important market for me… He was really upset about his situation and worried about his future.

As a Career and Authentic Personal Brand coach, I am naturally interested in people and having an extensive experience in the corporate world I couldn´t help asking…

-… So, if the market changed that much what are you doing different to promote your business and your products/services in this new environment?

He looked at me as if I had just arrived from Mars and said:

– There is nothing I or anyone can do, you don´t understand… this is a cycle and until this comes up again there is nothing we can do!

I didn´t want to be unpleasant but I had to know more… so I asked in a very kind and compassionate way:

– If this is a cycle and it will take time to recover, how long are you willing to wait? How long can your business hold?

He looked at me and after recognizing a genuine and sincere concern for his situation he answered: – I don´t know…

I went on a little further… – If this will take a long time to recover and you don´t foresee any positive evolution in the next few years have you thought of doing something else?

He answered: – No, I haven´t.

I continued: – Maybe applying all your knowledge, your contacts, your experience in a different business model?

He answered again: – No, I haven´t thought about any of that.

I said: What about your exit plan? Would now be a good moment to launch it?

He answered very slowly: – I don´t have an exit plan… and he added also very slowly…you ask very good questions…

The quality of your own questions will determine the success of your business and the fulfillment of your life. If you get to a place where you keep repeating the same pattern in life and the results are not what you want…. ask yourself different questions or… get a Coach to do that for you!

CDC Consulting Partners / 2014