Workshops for Leaders, Managers and Teams

Workshops for Leaders, Managers and Teams
Available in English, Portuguese and Spanish
 Managing high volumes of work while keeping a good and healthy connection with your team is not an easy task. You are trying to apply leadership best practices but stressful moments, with constant shifts in priorities, doesn’t make it easy. You need your people motivated and committed, but at the same time you feel exhausted and frustrated with the way some things are going.
 One size does not fit all. This is when you need support tailored to your needs.
Our solution:

We have done a great deal of work with leaders and teams, in domestic and multinational companies, helping them get clarity about goals and objectives and finding the purpose in the work they do. It is no longer only about KPI’s and deliverables. Finding the team’s shared purpose and helping them gain clarity of the value they bring to their stakeholders, goes a long way in terms of motivation and focus.

These 3 (remote) workshops are designed for you and your team and are incredibly effective. In a complementary exploratory call we will listen to help you identify the one that better serves your current needs.

1. “Leadership Branding in the Workplace”: half-day workshop
2. “Building Your Team’s Shared Purpose”: full-day workshop with 2 follow-up group sessions
3. “The Manager-Coach”: 2 day-workshop with 3 follow-up individual sessions

These workshops can make a huge difference in motivation and results! 
This is a ½ day workshop
that brings people together for a deeper level of understanding, respect, acceptance and trust while promoting creativity and fun.

Listening to understand the other person and what they value is at the heart of building relationships.

After all, “we don’t trust institutions, we don’t trust processes, we trust people”.
In this full day workshop
we bring team leaders and team members together
to connect to each other and to the organization.

For a team to succeed we need to go beyond just managing goals, KPI’S and deliverables. Growing a team is an organic living process, which requires tapping into the inner knowing of the team and to leverage group intelligence
to co-create and evolve together.

Teams should be able to act with the same unity of purpose and focus as a well-motivated individual” – Bill Gates
This 2-day workshop is designed for Managers at all levels.

Companies are realizing they need to move
away from the traditional “directive and control” practices and
create space for people to experiment and learn quickly, giving
them guidance and support along the way.

The role of the manager is dramatically shifting to becoming one of a coach.
Coaching is a skill that more good managers need to quickly
develop, to ensure people can keep up with the rapid changes in the company’s market and its industry.