How to optimize teamwork in 2023


We want to start the new year by looking at Teams and how they can work together more successfully!

How to optimize teamwork in 2023

We want to start the new year by looking at Teams and how they can work together more successfully!

Most organization continue investing in Employee Engagement Surveys and Personality Surveys but forget a fundamental piece of today’s work environment – Teams and Teamwork.

Teamwork is essential for any organization that wants to be successful but getting a team of people to work together effectively can be challenging. With adequately optimized teamwork, you’ll see a difference in your employee morale and your entire organization’s efficiency. Here are some ideas on how to achieve truly optimized teamwork in your organization.

Ensure You Possess a Compelling Mission

A clear and compelling mission will help your team stay focused on its goals. It also helps people see how what they do contributes to the overall success. Without a proper mission or end goal, people may become discouraged, so it is essential that you define and communicate what the team is working towards.

Most importantly, your mission or goals should be compelling. If you don’t feel motivated, chances are your team will feel the same way.

Focus on Social Capital Within Your Team Culture

Social capital refers to the value of relationships between people within an organization or community. This interpersonal connection helps improve performance as employees feel more connected and invested in their work.

In today’s post-pandemic world, social capital has taken a toll. To build it back up leaders play an important role – at the beginning of your daily meetings, dedicate time for people to connect. Have each person communicate how they feel and what they want to accomplish in their day. Promote groups within the organization to develop network opportunities and mentorship programs. Find the individuals that are the connectors, the opinion makers, and have them lead sessions to clarify important changes you want to implement.

Social capital needs to be an integrated part of your team culture. Social capital helps people trust, collaborate, and work together more effectively, thus changing how groups of people operate together.

Emphasize a Supportive Environment

Everyone needs support when working on a team—it’s just human nature! When people feel supported by others and by the organization, they are more likely to perform at their best.

For your teams to feel supported, they need to see that the organization is willing to give them access to data, training, technological assistance, material resources, and an effective reward system. People will be more confident about their work environment when they feel supported as individuals for their contributions.

Therefore, to optimize your teamwork, it is important to emphasize support as part of the team’s culture and put in place resources to help the team to do their work.

Utilize the Right Team Structure

When optimizing teamwork, you need to assess your current team structure and see what needs improvement. For example, you might change what person conducts what task or even bring others on to help optimize and improve certain focus areas. Identifying the skill sets you have in your team, the cultural diversity, locations, backgrounds, and experiences will help you create a strong team structure for what you are looking to accomplish.

Make sure, as much as possible, that each person on your team is the best fit for the job and, more importantly, that they know what is expected of them in their role.

Establish a Shared Mindset

Optimizing teamwork is also about sharing the same mindset. A shared mindset can be created if the team leader fosters a common identity or common understanding. Making assumptions that everyone has a correct and similar understanding of what is going on is dangerous. Teams working remotely suffer every day from miscommunication, difficulties in exchanging information, and differences in interpretation.

If you want to have more effective teamwork and team collaboration, you need to focus on identifying and removing the barriers that are causing separation in your teams.

We Are Here to Help You

With all of this applied properly within your organization, you will create a truly optimized team and obtain even more impressive results.

To optimize your team efforts, consider requesting a meeting today so we can get started on solutions to specifically improve your team’s productivity and simultaneously their wellbeing.

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