Connecting People to Productivity

Throughout my 25 plus years professional life in the corporate world, more than believing, I developed a knowing that good inspired people, in the right place, can create a positive impact in many other’s lives. This knowledge made me dedicate my life to coaching leaders, managers, teams, entrepreneurs and helping companies create cultures that improve their business performance, bring value to society, and at the same time, make their people feel more alive at work!
In other words, this is the way I chose to contribute in creating a better world to live in.



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We are no longer living in a short-term crisis. We are living in a whole new environment, and all signs point towards it being here to stay. Outdated habits are no longer valid. A good example is the old model of frequent travel for important meetings or training – several CEOs of Fortune 500 companies have recognized that […]


Online Workshops for Leaders and Teams available in English, Portuguese and Spanish Managing high volumes of work while keeping a good and healthy connection with your team is not an easy task. You are trying to apply leadership best practices but stressful moments, with constant shifts in priorities, doesn’t make it easy. You need your […]


We had the opportunity to engage in a fascinating conversation with people from all over the world. Reinvent. Prepare for a New Future Ahead was the perfect venue to share in a very dynamic interaction. Special thanks to all of you who joined us, to John Parkerson and to Raquel Ribeiro of Querer Além.  Download […]