Connecting People to Productivity

Throughout my 25 plus years professional life in the corporate world, more than believing, I developed a knowing that good inspired people, in the right place, can create a positive impact in many other’s lives. This knowledge made me dedicate my life to coaching leaders, managers, teams, entrepreneurs and helping companies create cultures that improve their business performance, bring value to society, and at the same time, make their people feel more alive at work!
In other words, this is the way I chose to contribute in creating a better world to live in.



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Let me start by wishing you happy holidays and a prosperous 2022! Now that the year is ending, it is my hope that you have taken the time to reflect on your personal and professional life, coming to an evaluation of where you are, and where you want to go. Adjusting to the changes around […]


A couple of weeks ago, I facilitated a Systemic Constellation session in an organizational context for a client who was experiencing challenges with the way her team was performing. This client is the CEO of a small company, and she wanted to understand how to help her team improve the work they were doing. She wanted […]


A New Way to Enhancing Organizational Agility to Address Change. Better, and Faster! A Group or Team strategic reflection with 3D Virtual Characters, for a Systemic approach Change is happening faster than ever before. The digital transformation, remote work, new supply chain and ecosystems, they all continue forcing businesses to adapt their products, services, and operations […]