Connecting People to Productivity

Throughout my 25 plus years professional life in the corporate world, more than believing, I developed a knowing that good inspired people, in the right place, can create a positive impact in many other’s lives. This knowledge made me dedicate my life to coaching leaders, managers, teams, entrepreneurs and helping companies create cultures that improve their business performance, bring value to society, and at the same time, make their people feel more alive at work!
In other words, this is the way I chose to contribute in creating a better world to live in.



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Agility is the ability of an organization to renew itself, adapt, change quickly, and succeed in a rapidly changing, ambiguous, turbulent environment.McKinsey & CO, Managing Consulting Company I spent the last few months speaking with leaders, managers, and Change Officers from different countries to learn more about how they have been adapting their products, services, […]


Real Challenges In The Workplace, And How We Helped Today I am sharing with you two stories of real client challenges, and the way we supported them using our scientific tools, and our work methodologies.  STORY #1 Getting management aligned with senior leadership strategy. “I have a problem with one of my managers in country”, said the Senior VP of […]


When you think of “Coca-Cola”, what comes immediately to mind? … A sense of thirst, a refreshing beverage, a red can, a huge corporation? … and when you think of a “Ferrari” what do you think of? … Speed, Money, Success?  If you think of Mahatma Gandhi, how does it impact you? Purpose? Vision? Strength? […]