Personal Branding in the Workplace
CDC Consulting Partners


On the topic of Personal Branding, when you think of “Coca-Cola” what comes immediately to mind? … A sense of thirst, a refreshing beverage, a red can, a huge corporation?
… and when you think of a Ferrari what do you think of? … Speed, Money, Success? The Brand?

What about people, can people be brands?

When you think of Mahatma Gandhi, how does it impact you? Purpose? Vision? Strength? Stand up for a cause? Freedom?

Or when you think of Oprah Winfrey? … Support? Power? Leadership?

The question is: can people be brands? The answer is yes, they can! Personal branding is not just for celebrities, it is for all of us.

We have little doubt about what the people above evoke in us. Do you know why? It is because they have a strong and well defined personal brand. Their beliefs and their authenticity are very natural in themselves and easily perceived by others. They align their behavior to their strengths and as well as to what they believe in, what they value in life. That is strong personal branding!

What about you? What is your personal brand?! How do you perceive yourself and how are you perceived by others?

If you have more clarity about yourself you will be better understood by others and that leverages your identity. Who you are is what people remember about you,and that is vital to get a better position at work or to have more people buying your products or demanding your services for your uniqueness…

So, is it wrong to pay attention to how you look at yourself and how you are perceived by others? Are you letting that influence your behavior?

What do you know about yourself? About your uniqueness? Yes! Each and every one of us are unique and we can leverage our uniqueness by knowing and accepting who we are. Seeing yourself as your authentic brand and acting as an authentic brand leverages your personal resources.

So, what is our Authentic Personal Brand? It is a combination of our strengths, our passions, our values, our gifts and our purpose in life.

When your natural behavior aligns with your values, your passion and your purpose, you become authentic to yourself and perceived as authentic by others and that builds loyalty and trust.

Cristina da Costa is a Leadership Developer, an Executive and Team Coach based in Atlanta, USA.