The US Market Is No Valentine´s!

February may be the month of Love…but the U.S. Market is no Valentine’s!

Pleased to meet you!
My name is Cristina Ferreira da Costa, and I am the President & Founder at CDC Consulting Partners, LLC. I am a knowledgeable and experienced business culture consultant, leadership developer and executive coach, with a career of 25+ years helping organizations achieve more.

Why do entrepreneurial spirits have a better chance of succeeding in the US?
Because the urge to connect with other people, create business opportunities and make money is immense in this portion of the world. There are hundreds of business clubs and hundreds of public networking events to attend every week. In all these events, people are accustomed to introducing themselves to total strangers, initiating a conversation and looking for ways to help each other business-wise.

Let’s get one important thing clear, though… building business relationships IS EASY in the US, closing a deal IS NOT. You will understand that coming to the U.S. expecting to become a millionaire overnight is setting yourself up for failure. It will take time, hard work and ability to adjust.

My new book “COME PREPARED! The 4 key principles international businesses should follow to succeed in the U.S. market” details 6 important practices good entrepreneurs tend to follow, which can greatly benefit your business.

The US Market Is No Valentine´s!

How can I help?

We help you implement new strategies and
tactics, optimize your processes, train your
people to improve behaviors, coach and develop
your leaders and managers.

Crucial moments where you need to get your
people together to discuss possibilities and paths
forward, to empower or to reposition –
customized design.

One-on-one executive coaching helps
professionals become aware of their behaviors
and how they are perceived by others, increasing
individual performance and business results.

I will share with you what I have learned from my
experience in the U.S. and from more than 50
international business leaders who made it to the
U.S. market.

Webinars and Talks about the 4 Key principles to succeed in the U.S. market, personal branding in the workplace and how to measure and redesign culture to produce results.

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