Ligar as pessoas à produtividade

Ao longo de mais de 25 anos de vida profissional activa no mundo empresarial, além de acreditar, verifiquei que pessoas inspiradoras, no local certo, podem criar um impacto positivo na vida de muitas outras. Este conhecimento levou-me a dedicar a minha vida ao coaching de líderes, gestores, equipas, empreendedores e a ajudar empresas a criar uma cultura que estimule a performance nos seus negócios, dê e acrescente valor à sociedade, e, ao mesmo tempo, faça os seus colaboradores sentirem-se mais vivos no seu trabalho!
Por outras palavras, este foi o caminho que escolhi para contribuir para a criação de um mundo melhor.



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The expression "to be in the right place at the right time" gained a whole new meaning for me last week. A few days ago, in the lobby of a hotel in a European capital, I was surprised by an elderly lady. She had a polished appearance and a look of self-assurance. To my surprise, she approached me and politely asked me  if I could offer her something to eat. I was caught totally off guard! Here was this lady, a beggar at heart, who had strategically chosen the atrium of a hotel to satisfy her need for food. Brilliant, I thought. On weekdays, late afternoon, hotel atrium's are usually crowded with educated, professionally successful people, and therefore with money.


You know that company where your friends work and everything seems to go wrong? They often complain about last minute changes in daily planning, outdated reporting processes and news that is spread by rumors than by official communication. All these problems affect a company's results by decreasing employee motivation.


Customers are the #1 reason for your organization to exist. Therefore, it is only natural that you want to engage in a happy and lasting relationship with your customers. This is, in fact, the ultimate ambition of any successful company.  Dealing with customers is usually the front-office’s responsibility, backed up by marketing, communication, and sales departments. What if […]