Your challenges inspire my journey

This is the first newsletter of the year, in a series of 12. In each newsletter I aim to provide you with helpful ways to improve your life and your business in 2021. 
In the coming months, we will work together on what we can change to succeed. Whether it is with or without my help – I want you to be happy, healthy, and prosperous this year and many years to come.
And now, you want to know who I am and how I can help you – fair enough! You can start with this short video for an introduction, and then keep reading.

I’m excited to share this with you because I´ve come a long way! That’s why today I can talk to you about change, challenge, resilience, belief and… success.

In 2014, life unexpectedly presented me with an opportunity that would take me from the comfort of a familiar known, into a very new unknown. At the time, my husband was working for an American company in Lisbon and Madrid when he was offered a new position in the U.S. at his company’s headquarters. This would mean that we would all pack up and be moving across the ocean.

I gulped! I was leaving behind a successful corporate job of more than 20 years, as well as a small leadership coaching and consulting practice. I would be leaving my 15-year-old son from my previous marriage that, at the time, didn’t want to move and leave his friends. Only my other 2 children moved with us. I left the rest of my family, my friends and, basically… everything I knew. I was really excited for the opportunity of a change but didn’t know what would happen.   
It hasn’t been easy; it has been a journey of developing resilience.

Secretly, I remember, I had been asking for a change in my professional life for quite a while, something that would make me feel fulfilled and excited again. Something that would make my passage here on Earth more meaningful. You can only do so much with a corporate job… I got to a point where I was feeling a constant burning inside for a change, a desire… 
The opportunity to come to the US was an answer to my prayers – my chance of a change and do something meaningful, was here!

I have learned something really important in this journey – it is to see uncertainty for what it is. We are not in control of everything, we need to develop trust and believe that things will work out as they should. Trust that the right people, and opportunities come our way in the right time. 

Hopefully, you will find my story inspiring and helpful, for when you have your own doubts and fears. And don´t we all have those, especially now?

Through the following newsletters I will share more. Until then, stay safe – and keep believing.
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